Writerly accomplishments today: zero.

Don’t tell anyone, okay?

I’m really just failing myself, I know. Me and the guy who’s working 9 to 5 help me try and accomplish my dream, I mean. Ugh. Way to go, June.

Does writing in this blog count? No.

It’s just that…I worked today at my volunteer position and it always exhausts me. And afterward, when I came home, well, I just needed to take a nap, and then my brother stopped by unannounced, and talking, and food, and…and the day snowballed into midnight and now here I am, too tired to try and approach my hot mess of a short story.

Ugh. Okay fine. Give me fifteen minutes to work on it so I don’t hate myself so much. Be right back.

Fifteen minutes has passed, and I’ve written a little bit more in the short story that’s going nowhere. It’s like I keep writing, but the story isn’t moving, like trying to go upwards on a downwards escalator. But whatever. I’m going to finish this story, no matter how awful it is. I have to finish it. I have to know I can finish a piece of fiction, or I’m afraid I won’t be able to move on and accomplish anything bigger like I want to. And it’s the first fiction I’ve written in a very long time, so I think it’s okay if it’s terrible. I need to keep going.

So, Thursday was a bit of a bust. Here’s hoping I have a little more progress I can blog about tomorrow.


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  1. I’m sorry you’re struggling, but you’re doing the right thing to keep pushing at it. You’re not alone in your struggles (trust me, I know.)

    If the part you’re on now is frustrating you and you feel it isn’t going anywhere, why don’t you leave that bit and write a different scene?

    Or maybe you could open another document (or fresh page in your notebook) and try writing a different version of your beginning? That always helps me.

    Good luck!

  2. Hope you get into it soon. Writing in a blog is better than nothing though – it’s still writing. Have you ever done NaNoWriMo? (http://nanowrimo.org/) It’s a while off, but I spent ages starting novels and giving up on them to start new ones. I did my first WriMo in 2008 and ended up with an absolutely awful novel that I’ll never let any one read, and by my third NaNo I ended up with something I was happy with. It is hard work though. Keep going 🙂

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