Yup. That’s right.


Godzilla’s so happy for me!

Word count for today: 1134.

Yes, it may still not be much, but it’s more than I’ve accomplished thus far! VICTORY.

It was rough going for a while. I didn’t think I’d accomplish anything, really. I had posted here at 12:30 saying something along the lines of ‘time to get started!’ and then at 3:30 still hadn’t written anything. I had, however: A) surfed reddit, B) played Candy Crush on my phone, and C) started trying to learn how to read tarot cards. Because, you know, all that is a really productive use of my time when I’ve QUIT MY JOB TO TRY TO WRITE.

(please bear with me and all the caps locks here, by the way. I went out for drinks with the man I’m married to tonight and now I’m sitting here with a gin+perrier+grapefruit because still, no wine, and I started this blog for myself and no one else, so hah! deal with it.)

What was I saying again? That’s right. 1134 words. Every day it is getting a little easier to write a little bit more. This weekend will probably still prove a challenge to me, as it’s hard for me to stay focused when my husband is at home because I just want to hang out with him, but I done okay today.

I wasted the majority of my day on useless stuff and still managed to get some writing done. I hope I’m eventually able to be writing for most of the day and wasting only a little of it.

Also, this first draft is ROUGH, so far. I’m only 6,035 words in, but yeah, it’s rough. I’m trying not to let that hold me back, though. I need to keep moving.


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