Daily word count towards my very slow moving, meandering, unorganized novel: 434.

Okay, so it isn’t much. But on the bright side, when I did the math to figure out my word count, it was all easy subtraction and I didn’t have to do any carrying!

Uh, yeah…it’s kind of a weak bright side, I know.

Random notes for the day:

– I took out my nose stud after over a year of having my nose pierced. It just never fully healed and I think it was about time. Kind of sad though, because I have some awesome nose jewelry and I have no idea how to repurpose it.

– I bought more red wine. Hurrah! Alcohol! Healthy life choices!

– I went outside to look at the moon. You should, too, if it’s still night wherever you are. It’s pretty tonight. Appreciate nature!


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