Another day, same disappointments.

I’m embarrassed to post here because I haven’t accomplished anything in the past few days. But that’s what this blog is for – to keep me on track, and to lay out in bare and blunt words what I have and haven’t accomplished, day by day.

I avoided checking in here the past couple days exactly because I didn’t want to see the zero written down, hard and hollow. It’s embarrassing how little I have accomplished, and it’s embarrassing to keep saying that over and over, and see little change.

Oh well. I have a few hours write now to sit down and try to be productive. It’s been a difficult battle with myself, fighting the laziness, the slothfulness, the anxiety, the excuses. It’s like there’s two warring factions in me, and the negative side feels vastly more experienced, skilled and loud. But I have to keep trying to overpower it.


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