How old?

I am still really, really divided over whether my characters should be teenaged (16-19) or young adults (20-30). I’m a little over 30 pages in, and still can’t decide.

There’s just so many different aspects you have to deal with with both sets of ages. If they’re teens, I have to grapple with parental/family relationships. If they’re in their twenties, I have to deal with jobs and rent. Sigh.

I’m probably just overthinking it. But I think I am going to print out what I have so far and tweak it so they’re teens and see how it feels to me. Maybe that will help me feel more confident one way or another. I just can’t get so caught up in the tweaking and the small stuff that I never finish. I’ll allow myself a little bit of time to dwell on it, but not a lot.


7 thoughts on “How old?

  1. I say, go with your gut! And, depending on your age, what you remember best, your teens or your twenties. If you just go ahead and start writing, you’ll know pretty soon if the ages matters or not to the overall goal of your writing? Looking for hormonal angst? Write about teens? Looking for the transition to adulthood from the college experience? Write about the 20’s. Good Luck!

    • The thing is, my gut can’t seem to decide! I’m gravitating towards teen, but you brought up a good point: I don’t want to deal with hormonal angst – I want to deal with learning and growing and transitioning.

      It’s just tricky, because I’m not out of my twenties myself yet and honestly have no idea what I’m personally doing, so I don’t know how I could expect my characters to grow. But reading through what I have so far today, I think I have to stick with the twenties. Argh. Decisions!

    • I want it to be about growth – someone who is unsure what they’re doing with their life, that’s unhappy and blames it on their environment, and slowly begins to love the things around them.

      So it makes me think it would be a ‘twenties’ book, but it has a lot of ‘YA’ elements – strange ‘powers,’ angst, etc. So…I’m undecided. Sigh. I think for now I’m going to stick with twenties though and just try and get it finished. If it still doesn’t jive when I’m done, I can always rewrite.

      • Such a good point! I keep worrying, ‘oh, this is too much like this genre,’ but I just need to focus on the story and worry less about the ‘shoulds.’ Thank you for this!

        How’s your writing been going?

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