I’m too tired for titles

Word count for the day: 288

1:30 am, been writing later and later every night, and too sleepy to even try to write cogently here in this blog. So really, that’s probably bad for the novel then, when I think about it. I’m surprised I haven’t tucked all my characters into bed yet, written them dozing off all sweet and sleepy. I mean, talk about good reading, right?

So, yeah. I wonder if I could hit fifty pages this week. Maybe I’ll do the math tomorrow, see how many words that would take. But for now, no math, all sleep.

Random daily notes:

Cut my finger making oatmeal tonight for dinner. Like, I literally drew blood. Two things: one, I’ve started making oatmeal for dinner now because anything else seems like too much effort; and two, it involves a bowl and a spoon. I feel like I deserve some credit here. You have to work hard wounding yourself in the oats department.

I’ve just discovered The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Don’t judge me. I think I’ve sucked my husband into it too. So I have some really complex, mind-stimulating stuff to watch in my free time now.


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