Waxing and waning.

512 words, and my stomach is a week old croissant, all tough and tied up in a knot, and I feel like I’ve messed up everything with this story, and like nothing is right, and like none of them are the right age, and like I’m trying so hard, and it’s moving so slowly and it’s just moving so. slowly. and what if I don’t finish it? And what if I hit a slump and I just give up and I don’t finish it?

The stomach is a month-old croissant now, a hard, doughy lump plopped in the center of me that I can’t shake loose. I just have so much anxiety tonight and I can’t stop thinking you idiot.

Things will look better in the morning, I hope. The sun always gives things a better perspective. The moon draws out the shadows, lets your worries play against you. I’m hoping things seem better in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Waxing and waning.

  1. Have you tried skipping ahead and writing a scene you’re excited about? I know how I feel when I have to write bits I consider hard work and I just want to get to the scene I’m excited about, but it’s so far away. Or write some short STORIES

    • I would, but I don’t know if I can – I think it would leave me feeling scattered. Also, I can’t really see that far ahead! Maybe writing a short story will help, though. Thanks 🙂

  2. Ugh, I know the feeling. Just happened to me yesterday; I read a book to get my mind off of things and to get inspired, then when I was ready I got subconsciously connected w my character’s plight and wrote “from the inside.” It worked. But that said, I’m working on a short story at the moment, not a novel. I’m pulling for you.

    • Thanks, and same here for you – I think it’s really awesome what you’re doing. I’ve never been involved with the business world, and it seems like such a strange and foreign place compared to the world of literature. Strange and foreign in the best way possible, though – I think you must have such a unique perspective on things that could give you an advantage in writing. Keep it up!

      And thanks for the comment. I think I’m focusing too much on the details, and need to get more connected with my character’s as well. I’m just having a hard time finding them with all these anxieties in my head!

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