So good.




Word count for the day: 2283

Two thousand, two hundred and eighty three. I thought I did the math wrong and did it like four more times over in like three different ways. AND IT WAS RIGHT.

I feel so good right now about that.



PS – there is 1.5 glasses of red wine making an appearance in this post. Broke my record, feelin’ good. Also, you are all awesome as well. Shout outs of the moment go to MBA2MFA and Katie May who offered me awesome advice and encouragement this week, thanks guys. This is starting to sound like an awards speech. I’m blaming it on the wine.



4 thoughts on “So good.

    • Hey apartmentwife!! I’m attempting to finally complete a novel-length work of fiction. It has young adult/early twenties protagonists (haven’t decided for certain on their ages yet), and is a coming-of-age sort of story with some fantasy mixed in.

      Every day I post here with my daily word count – the amount of words I got written that day towards my novel. It’s just to help keep me on track, so I can see how productive or not productive I’m being.

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