Of course.

“I mean, you know the women who just sit at home all day while their husband works hard to support them,” she said while driving, “I just think, ‘oh, must be nice.’ It’s hard for me to like those women, you know? But of course, I don’t mean you. Just in general.”

“Of course,” I said, staring out the passenger window.

Thanks, Mom.

I know how it looks. I know how lucky I am, how privileged it is for me to be able to do this right now. I deal with that guilt every day, when someone asks me what I’m doing for work right now and I have to respond, “I’m writing.” I struggle to be okay with it and cherish the opportunity, like my husband encourages me to. But yeah, thanks Mom. I guess I understand her feeling this way. Just have to try and let it go, not dwell on it, and keep writing for as long as I can.


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