Nobody expects the puppy inquisition

So…I’ve tried to keep this blog mostly writing-centric, but would you guys mind if I talked every once in a while about random life stuff, too?

Because today I started walking this dog to earn a little extra money during the week, and she’s – well, she’s flipping adorable.

The happiest dog I know.

She’s handicapped, so she sits a little funny and doesn’t have complete control over her back legs. She has a pink wheelchair she gets strapped into if we’re going for longer walks, and she has to be carried when there’s stairs.

But she’s the happiest little thing ever.

I am kind of a crazy dog person – I’m one of those people that will stop strangers in the street and ask if I can pet their dog, and then when they say yes I proceed to talk only to their dog and completely forget they exist (it’s kind of embarrassing. I can’t seem to help myself). Dogs have unique personalities – some are emotional, some are shy, some are divas. But Skippy just radiates joy the second you meet her. She doesn’t even notice that her back legs don’t work. She scoots over to you, her whole body wagging with happiness.

Oh my goodness. It’s just, her happiness is contagious. I’m still smiling, and I walked her over an hour ago. The air is cooler, the leaves are changing, and my future weekday afternoons are going to be punctuated by this bright, gold, fuzzy ball of joy.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Nobody expects the puppy inquisition

    • Yay, a fellow crazy dog person! So glad you enjoyed this post. Skippy is mad adorable and deserves the love! 😀

      And thank you for your approval for future life posts. 🙂 I wasn’t sure if I should keep this blog writing-centric or not, but sometimes I just want to talk about other stuff!

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