Cue 80’s victory music.

I finished my first draft today.

Holy crap.

I did it, guys. I actually did it.

I mean, months later than I originally planned on, and the thing is an awful, disorganized, chaotic mess, but I did it.

I’m giving myself a day to breathe and fist pump the air, and then I’ll decide how to move forward. But for now?

Holy cow. First draft down!


You’ve probably never heard of it.

My impressive photography skills on full display. Wow! Such photo!

Have you heard of this little thing called NaNoWriMo? Nobody in the blogosphere ever talks about it, so I’d understand if you hadn’t. Anyways, several bloggers suggested I try it this year (special shout-out to KatieMay34 who helped push my stubborn butt over the edge and finally convinced me to sign up).

And it’s fun so far! Very eye-opening to put my daily word count into a little chart thing and see all these stats pull up. Super fun to have other people to talk to about writing. And I even went to a local NaNoWriMo kick-off party and met some fellow writers in person!

So, thank you to all who suggested NaNoWriMo to me. And if you’ve been thinking about signing up, just do it! It’s definitely not too late. I’m hoping this will help November be a more productive month for me than October turned out being.

Things I’ve done in the past week.

  • Gone through 2.5 bottles of red wine
  • Fallen in love with Sherlock a la Benedict Cumberbatch
  • (not written anything towards the novel)
  • Made chocolate chip cookies
  • Ordered indie nail polish
  • Drank more wi-

Oh, what was that? What was the third thing on my list again? Shush. Silence. You didn’t read anything. I’ve been such a disciplined, diligent writer, writing hundreds of words every day. The novel’s almost finished, now. There’s just pages and pages and I’ve made incredible progress.


Sometimes I feel like this will never get finished. And then I don’t write for a week, and I really feel that way.

Okay. No time to dwell on the past. Got to keep moving forward, right? deep breath. All right then.

(picture me marching gallantly back into the field of battle, here. While wearing a kilt. Kilts are awesome.)

New plan.

Not sure if the daily word count thing is working super well for me anymore. I’ve taken to just jamming out a block of writing before going to bed late at night, or when I’m feeling sleepy, just writing nothing at all and telling myself “tomorrow I’ll write all day” (which has yet to happen…like, ever).


To mix things up, I think I’m going to start clocking in with a daily time count instead. How long did I work on the story? Outlining, writing, revising, note-taking – instead of just writing down the number of words I write towards the novel each day, I’ll write down the time I devoted towards the novel overall.


Hopefully it’ll help me get back into the swing of things. I had a zero night last night and October overall has just been a weak month of writing for me so far.

Things I did tonight instead of writing:

Cleaned all my fountain pens

Drank wine

Tried out some new fountain ink

Tried to convince my dog to sleep in a cat bed

Lit some incense

Lit some candles

Stared at the candle flame for an undetermined amount of time

Attempted to have a conversation with the characters in my story

Went shopping, bought nail polish remover and more wine

Wrote about how I wasn’t writing

Finally gave up and started writing. And you know what? It was slow, and my writing is rough, but it was also kind of fun. My characters are still weak and undeveloped, but they’re getting to know themselves and each other, and there was some good dialogue going on. I think not writing is harder on me than when I finally sit down and write.

Word count for the day: 1,029


It’s me with the word count for the first day of October: 2,302.

It was the first day of the month and I wanted to be productive with it, to start off on a good foot. I think I did, aside from being drunk right now (although technically it’s October 2nd now as I type this, so maybe I was sober for all of 10/1? Midnight rolled in with my second glass of wine).

The story is getting interesting right now. Crazy things are happening. And weird developments are in the notes that I did not foresee. But I think weird can be okay. Weird can even be interesting, sometimes.

I love October. It’s all burnt orange and reds and the smell of raindrops hitting dry asphalt, and it’s the promise of things you don’t have but maybe you could, or the remembrance of childhood, or really it’s just that wine makes me incredibly lame and wordy. But October is here, and I wrote 2,302 words today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll buy a pumpkin. But for now I’ll just finish this glass of red wine and go to bed.