Word count towards the novel for the day: 367

It’s 2:20 am, and I know I’m probably a weirdo, because I sit here in the dim glow of firelight, surrounded by candles with incense burning on the counter. I’m a creature of habit, and I get into these weird little routines with everything I do. And writing at night has grown to involve at least one burning candle, incense, and red wine.

The back door is open to let in the night air, and in the distance I can hear someone playing music. It’s rare to hear anything this late at night, and it’s comforting to know someone else besides me is awake.


I’m too tired for titles

Word count for the day: 288

1:30 am, been writing later and later every night, and too sleepy to even try to write cogently here in this blog. So really, that’s probably bad for the novel then, when I think about it. I’m surprised I haven’t tucked all my characters into bed yet, written them dozing off all sweet and sleepy. I mean, talk about good reading, right?

So, yeah. I wonder if I could hit fifty pages this week. Maybe I’ll do the math tomorrow, see how many words that would take. But for now, no math, all sleep.

Random daily notes:

Cut my finger making oatmeal tonight for dinner. Like, I literally drew blood. Two things: one, I’ve started making oatmeal for dinner now because anything else seems like too much effort; and two, it involves a bowl and a spoon. I feel like I deserve some credit here. You have to work hard wounding yourself in the oats department.

I’ve just discovered¬†The Vampire Diaries¬†on Netflix. Don’t judge me. I think I’ve sucked my husband into it too. So I have some really complex, mind-stimulating stuff to watch in my free time now.