Things I did tonight instead of writing:

Cleaned all my fountain pens

Drank wine

Tried out some new fountain ink

Tried to convince my dog to sleep in a cat bed

Lit some incense

Lit some candles

Stared at the candle flame for an undetermined amount of time

Attempted to have a conversation with the characters in my story

Went shopping, bought nail polish remover and more wine

Wrote about how I wasn’t writing

Finally gave up and started writing. And you know what? It was slow, and my writing is rough, but it was also kind of fun. My characters are still weak and undeveloped, but they’re getting to know themselves and each other, and there was some good dialogue going on. I think not writing is harder on me than when I finally sit down and write.

Word count for the day: 1,029


How old?

I am still really, really divided over whether my characters should be teenaged (16-19) or young adults (20-30). I’m a little over 30 pages in, and still can’t decide.

There’s just so many different aspects you have to deal with with both sets of ages. If they’re teens, I have to grapple with parental/family relationships. If they’re in their twenties, I have to deal with jobs and rent. Sigh.

I’m probably just overthinking it. But I think I am going to print out what I have so far and tweak it so they’re teens and see how it feels to me. Maybe that will help me feel more confident one way or another. I just can’t get so caught up in the tweaking and the small stuff that I never finish. I’ll allow myself a little bit of time to dwell on it, but not a lot.