So good.




Word count for the day: 2283

Two thousand, two hundred and eighty three. I thought I did the math wrong and did it like four more times over in like three different ways. AND IT WAS RIGHT.

I feel so good right now about that.



PS – there is 1.5 glasses of red wine making an appearance in this post. Broke my record, feelin’ good. Also, you are all awesome as well. Shout outs of the moment go to MBA2MFA and Katie May who offered me awesome advice and encouragement this week, thanks guys. This is starting to sound like an awards speech. I’m blaming it on the wine.



Yup. That’s right.


Godzilla’s so happy for me!

Word count for today: 1134.

Yes, it may still not be much, but it’s more than I’ve accomplished thus far! VICTORY.

It was rough going for a while. I didn’t think I’d accomplish anything, really. I had posted here at 12:30 saying something along the lines of ‘time to get started!’ and then at 3:30 still hadn’t written¬†anything. I had, however: A) surfed reddit, B) played Candy Crush on my phone, and C) started trying to learn how to read tarot cards. Because, you know, all that is a really productive use of my time when I’ve QUIT MY JOB TO TRY TO WRITE.

(please bear with me and all the caps locks here, by the way. I went out for drinks with the man I’m married to tonight and now I’m sitting here with a gin+perrier+grapefruit because still, no wine, and I started this blog for myself and no one else, so hah! deal with it.)

What was I saying again? That’s right. 1134 words. Every day it is getting a little easier to write a little bit more. This weekend will probably still prove a challenge to me, as it’s hard for me to stay focused when my husband is at home because I just want to hang out with him, but I done okay today.

I wasted the majority of my day on useless stuff and still managed to get some writing done. I hope I’m eventually able to be writing for most of the day and wasting only a little of it.

Also, this first draft is ROUGH, so far. I’m only 6,035 words in, but yeah, it’s rough. I’m trying not to let that hold me back, though. I need to keep moving.